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Legal Solutions as a Form of Art


There are lots of good lawyers who do good legal work.  Take a generic legal problem, plug in a lawyer who pursues the standard legal approach, and the client will generally get the standard results.  I believe there is more to the practice of law than the standard legal approach. 

The best path is to create solutions for the client.  And the smoothest, least intrusive, most efficient resolution is only possible when the attorney has a depth of characteristics to draw on:  

  • the people skills to read and engage those involved;

  • the capacity to identify and internalize all the angles to the problem;

  • the ability and willingness to work efficiency; and

  • creativity and outside the box thinking. 

These are traits learned through experience.  Both legal experience and life experience.  Put my experience to work creating solutions for you.  


There can be a real art associated with crafting solutions and outlining the path to get to those solutions.  Your lawyer should be a solutions artist as much as they are your advocate.


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